Going Pro

Welcome to Volume 2 of The UX Newsletter. After a lengthy hiatus to move into a new office (and build new stuff, which we cover in this issue), we’re happy to resume sharing tales of UX design, development, and research.

We’re getting back in the groove with a couple of stories about the development of MailChimp Pro, our new feature set for quickly growing businesses with large lists. In this issue, developer Mardav Wala goes behind the scenes of Multivariate Testing—sharing details about the UI, usability testing, and code considerations his team worked through.

We follow that with data analyst Emily Austin’s look at sifting through and prioritizing customer research to determine feature sets and demands for a Pro product. We’ve written about UX research in previous issues, but here, Emily shares the analysis that comes after the research is collected. We conclude with links of interest from around the web.

Mardav Wala


Emily Austin

Data Analyst

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